Are you looking for a way to reduce the stress, strain and anxiety in your life? Meditation could be the key you are looking for as it can aid you and bring about a much calmers atmosphere and lifestyle. Here we are going to show you five easy ways you can bring meditation into your life in everything you do.

What is meditation?meditation

Meditation is a practice undertaken to calm the mind down and help you relax, but what exactly is it and how do you practice it?

Many people wrongly think that when you meditate you sit down and do nothing at all. Just sit there staring out into space or with your eyes closed, perhaps even napping. However, meditation is much more than this; in fact, it is nothing like this.

When meditating you are fully wide-awake and focused on something specific. This can be the breath, a mantra or focusing and examining a particular problem.

Mind Machine

To anyone looking it might look as though you are just sitting there resting or even taking a nap, but you are not, you are doing much more and getting plenty of benefits.

Meditation quietens the chatter of the mind

Quiten a busy mind with meditation

When you are stressed or anxious there is plenty of chatter going through your mind. In fact, your mind never stills. You think about what happened in the past, what might happen in the future, your worries and more. These thoughts continually go around the mind tying you up in knots.

When you meditate, you learn a technique to quieten down the chatter in your mind and head. This brings about a deep sense of relaxation and peace. It provides you with a much-needed break away from your own thoughts.

During meditation, you are in the present moment. You forget about what happened in the past, you do not think about what might happen in the future.

By practising meditation regularly, you learn when your mind has wandered from the present to the past or the future and you can bring it back to the present.

Think of your mind as like the weather

storm clouds

You might want to think about your mind as like the weather. It is ever-changing. Thoughts and feelings from throughout the day build up in your mind like clouds. The clouds continue to build up until they take over the clear blue, making your mind murky.

By using meditation you can scatter the clouds away, clearing up the sky allowing the blue and sunshine to come through leaving your mind clear once again.

Different types of meditation

There are many different types of meditation, some types having sub-meditations, so there is sure to be one suitable for you.

The most popular types of the many dozens are:

The Breath Meditation

breath meditation

The easiest meditation to undertake is breath meditation. It requires you to focus on your breath, count your breath and notice how it feels when the air enters your nostrils and leaves through the mouth.

To do this type of meditation follow the steps below:

  1. Find a quiet spot to sit down and set a timer for how long you want to meditate
  2. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breathes in through the nose and back out through the mouth
  3. Allow your breath to return to normal and without trying to change your breathing, when you breathe out count one in your head
  4. Notice how the breath feels as it enters your nostrils and how it feels when you breathe out through the mouth
  5. Also, notice how your stomach rises when you inhale and how it deflates when you breathe out
  6. Continue counting the out-breaths until you reach ten and then begin again back at one
  7. Keep your focus on your breathing until the timer rings off and the meditation finishes.

This example is the breathing mediation aka focus meditation and it is the easiest type of meditation for beginners to learn.

How to bring meditation into your daily life

Along with undertaking regular meditation sessions daily, there are also many ways in which you can bring meditation and mindfulness into your daily life.

The easiest way to become mindful in any activity is to focus on that activity totally just as you would if you were counting your breath.

This can be applied to almost everything you do in your daily life, from taking your shower to getting dressed, preparing meals, eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, taking a walk and more.

In all of these things just focus on the task you are undertaking now. For instance, if you are doing the simple task of washing your hands focus on how the water feels on your skin, how the soap feels on your hands, the bubbles in it, the smell of it, how the soap washes off your hands, the sensation of washing them. Notice all sensations, including drying your hands.

Apply this to anything that you do throughout the day and you will become more mindful. When you are mindful, you are not thinking about the past or worrying about what might happen in the future. Only the present moment matters.

Meditation benefits for all

By practising meditation regularly and being more mindful in your day-to-day activities you will reap many benefits and you can change your life drastically. Here are just a few of the numerous meditation benefits for all.

  • You can become calmer quicker and remain calm;
  • You are less angry and can control anger easier;
  • Your overall sense of well-being improves;
  • Relationships improve;
  • Stress levels are reduced;
  • You sleep better and get deep restorative sleep;
  • Deal with anxiety and panic attacks better;
  • You feel more connected to the world;
  • Gain more compassion;
  • Focus and concentration is improved;
  • Your memory is improved;
  • It’s easier to make decisions;
  • You find it easier to deal with symptoms of addiction;
  • Blood pressure is lowered;
  • Your immune system is enhanced;
  • Learn to deal with pain better.

While this is a long list, there are many more benefits to meditating regularly.

Use Muse Brain Sensing Headband

While anyone can meditate without purchasing a special tool, it can be beneficial. One great meditation device is the Muse Brain Sensing Headband.


This headband is worn works alongside a special app and your smartphone. It offers different types of meditations, such as focus and guided meditations.

There are sensors in the headband that translate your thoughts to the app and these tell you when you are focused and calm or you have lost focus. This means you do not have to guess or worry if you are meditating correctly.

The app tells you via an audio soundtrack if you are focused or if you have lost focus. It does this by changing what you can hear through your headphones.

For instance, you can meditate to the sound of the ocean. Play the ocean soundscape and when you are relaxed and focused you hear the waves washing gently onto the shore and birds fly around you with a soft twittering. If you lose focus the birds go away, the weather becomes stormier and the wind picks up, and the waves become louder and start to crash.

This is just one of several soundscapes to use when meditating using the Muse Meditation Headband.

The app also keeps a track of your meditations and provides you with a score for each meditation. It can also remind you to meditate at specific times of the day and much more. It really is an intuitive tool to learn how to meditate, track your meditations and much more. You can check it out below and get more information about this amazing meditation device.

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